Why should you look at Application Modernization Services?

Modernization is the best way to make the most of new technologies while guarding your application investment and unlocking the capacity of legacy data. Application modernization assists in taking organizations to the next degree of success. Performing these modernizations is a significant task and requires a lot of professional expertise and experience and this is where KALS can help you.

How KALS can help?

There are numerous reasons to modernize; the main dilemma business face today is how-to meet the requirements of developing enterprise, reducing prices while assisting the legacy environment, speeding up the supply of applications. KALS Information Systems Ltd offers attractive options to invigorate your IT environment without the huge costs, complexities and risks associated with big bang approaches. The fundamentals of Application Modernization strategy is retention of software and systems that are already working for your organization and to build layers and components for added dimensions of process, function and technology enrichment.

KALS caters broadly to all the Application Modernization requirements of an organization with the following objectives:

  • Retention of historical investment in proven application software systems.
  • Migration of application software to lower cost modern problems.
  • Retention of historical data and its structure if the same is bound beneficial to the organization
  • Selective rewrite of modules in the existing application system for functional, performance as well as process improvements
  • Forward engineering applications to modern parameters and goals & so on., with respect to the trend

The following objectives also include Web Enabling currently running applications. KALS proposes modernization approach to web enable some of the applications to newer technologies and this is extremely helpful for many organizations.

With application migration to new platform, they retain the business rules and logic of your legacy applications and develop based on latest technology catering to future business demands. KALS Information Systems Ltd has proven experience in delivering application modernization services with experienced cluster of resources specializing in legacy and new technologies and will work along with your teams to provide a comprehensive solution.

Irrespective of your requirements, rely on KALS experience and expertise and partner with them for their legacy modernization services. To learn more about KALS’ Legacy Modernization Services, check out http://www.kalsinfo.com/legacy_modernization.php.

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